Did you know that financial services represented 12.7 percent of online ad spending in 2016, totaling $8.77 billion?

In 2018, the total spending for that same industry is expected to reach $10.44 billion, according to eMarketer.

This trend goes to show that not only is the finance industry investing more in digital solutions but that such solutions do generate better ROI. Actually, financial services using retargeting can reach an increase in conversion rates of almost 150 percent!

Here are 3 ways you can follow that trend with your retargeting campaign:

1. Work with your customer’s lifecycle

Your clients’ financial needs are cyclical: January is often the time for budgeting, then in April comes tax filing and so on. Knowing this cycle means that you can be ahead of the game when it comes to helping your clients.

Launching a retargeting campaign that promotes your services ahead of time will not only remind your potential customers of the upcoming deadline but will make sure that your business is front of mind when they take the next step.

2. Invest in your landing pages

When it comes to finances, people can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of information – by creating unique landing pages dedicated to each of your services, you simplify the information for your customers and increase your chances for conversions.  

Moreover, you get to segment your audience by specific interests, which will then help you create and launch more effective campaigns, as your ads will be more relevant to the audience they reach.

3. Don’t be scared to cross-sell

Finances are not an all-in-one solution: a healthy wallet can be composed of many types of investments and solutions. Use your landing pages to launch retargeting campaigns for complementary products.

For example, if a customer looked into retirement planning with you, they may also be interested in your solutions for long-term investments. This method will drive more traffic to your website, optimize your reach for future retargeting campaigns and increase your conversion rate for related products.

When it comes to finances, customers look first and foremost for a trusting relationship with their financial counselor. By following those best practices, you can build that trust with a solid online presence and effective advertising campaigns.

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