January is the month of resolutions: people walk out of the Holidays with the need to shake off the excess and get their life back on track. Next thing you know, everyone heads back to the gym and gets in shape. But did you know that 80% of members who sign up in January will quit within 5 months? Yes, motivation does fade fast.

Then, let’s do something about it! Help your customers keep their resolutions all year long by making your own: leverage retargeting to start the new year right. Here are 3 tips to achieve that:

1. Offer diversity to retarget precisely

Some people are interested in doing their own workout, some need a little guidance, and some downright need group classes to find their motivation. When it comes to getting in shape, there is no one-fits-all solution. If your offer includes a variety of activities, new equipment, or personal trainers, make sure you have pages on your website dedicated to those services.

This will allow you to retarget your potential customers based on precise interest, rather than with generic ads. It’s all about segmenting your audience.

2. Anticipate their next move

We have seen that 4 out of 5 members will quit before May rolls around. Knowing that, you can prepare your campaigns ahead of time to slim that number down and reignite the fire that will make the resolution seekers become your regular members. This means you need to carefully plan out the duration, frequency and budget for your campaign.

You do want to retarget a decent amount of people throughout January, to catch those dedicated gym goers, but you don’t want to stop once you hit February. Make sure your spread your campaign over February, March and April to either encourage your members to come back, or better, energize those who haven’t committed yet!

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3. Advertise the benefits

Being healthy and fit is a state of mind and also a lifestyle: you want to show your potential customers what their life can be like when you live such a life and what they can gain from it. Whether it is more energy, strength or flexibility, make sure you ads visually show the benefits you can offer by building effective ads. For that you need a good visual, the right format and a great call-to-action. You know it as well as we do that getting in shape sometimes needs a little convincing, so keep that in mind when building your ad!

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