Did you know that 38 percent of travelers in North America were influenced by online advertising when searching for their holiday destination?

Adventure seekers will spend on average 53 days, visit 26 websites over the course of 78 online sessions before booking their trip – yes, that creates more competition, but also give travel agencies and hotels more opportunities for effective retargeting campaigns.

Now, In the midst, of a cold winter is the time where your customers will start to plan their summer vacations – it is then the ideal time to leverage retargeting to boost your business’ online presence. Here are 3 tips to help you stand out in this fast-paced industry:

1. Bet on your customer’s buying journey

People looking for their next trip are unlikely to make an immediate decision on their destination, airline company, hotel and so on. As we saw, this journey can take up to 2 months, which is an incredible window of opportunity to create multiple touch points with retargeting.

After they are done looking at your website for the first time, they are likely to spend several weeks looking at all the options available to them, as well as visiting other unrelated websites. That’s where your ads – through retargeting – will remind them of the great deals you have in store for them. Those reminders will help you stay top-of-mind and drive your prospects back to your website when they are ready to book.

2. Work with seasonality

Traveling works in seasons: Holiday time, summer vacation, March break, those are all peak seasons, and your travelers usually have specific destinations in mind for each. That’s why travel agencies need to master their seasonal calendar and their most popular destination when advertising online.

Plan your budget accordingly so that when the high season hits, you can build scale for your campaign – remember, the more people visit your website, the higher your campaign’s potential is.

3. Reach your customers everywhere

Mobile ad spending in the travel industry represents 49% of all ad spending – In fact, Booking.com has shown that 50% of travelers start looking at their future trip on their mobile.

Travel agencies and hotels need to leverage mobile formats if they want to get the most out of their retargeting campaign. When planning your next campaign, give special attention to what device you will be advertising on (desktop, mobile or tablet) to make sure you maximize your chances of reaching your customers.

4. Make a splash!

Make the most of the ad format you use by building compelling material to create your ad banners. You are advertising some amazing destinations and exciting adventures, so make sure your visuals and messages are up to the challenge.

Use high-impact formats like video or interactive formats. First, it will allow you to stand out in a competitive landscape. Second, they will showcase your offer in a more interactive and immersive way, which contributes to building engagement from your audience.

Check out these 5 tips to build the most effective ads!

When it comes to travel, customers are always looking for the best deals – and your offers may not be the only ones!  By following these tips and leveraging retargeting, you help your business stay top-of-mind when your customers are ready to book.

Ready? Then let’s get your customers on board!