search marketing

93% of consumers search for products and services online before even visiting a store.

Search marketing technology helps business owners place ads at the top of result pages when a potential customer searches for keywords relevant to their business.

why use search marketing?

create more brand awareness


People may be looking for your products, but don’t know about your business yet! With the right keywords, your prospect will see your ads at the right time.


reach a qualified audience


When user does a search in Google, they know exactly what they are looking for: your products. With search marketing, you ensure they find you first!


know your clients better


With search marketing, you can see exactly the search terms the user input that led them to your ad. That way, you can get a better understanding of what your prospects want!



let's grow your business!

  • GPS targeting

    GPS targeting

    GPS targeting allows you to target your clients based on where they are. Whether you have stores across the country or are located in one specific neighborhood, you can ensure your ads are seen by the right people in the right place!


  • time of day

    time of day

    Our ad schedule feature allows you to set specific time slots so you can deliver your ads at the right time to the right people!


  • duration & budget

    duration & budget

    Our platform gives you complete control over the budget and duration of your ad campaign and our team of marketing experts is always there to advise you on the best strategies to use.


  • frequency cap

    frequency cap

    The frequency cap feature allows you to decide how many times a single user will be retargeted in one day. Ask our marketing specialist for the best strategy to use for your business!

no ads? No problem.

Your first set of banner ads are on us! Launching your first ad campaign is an exciting time - so you can focus on your strategy while our experts build your ads for you!